Simple prayers for you to use as needed, taken from Sharon’s book A Portal into Serenity

A Daily Prayer

Father guide us Home to You.

Over and over as we stray and wander

You remain our constant illumination

Our blinding light, and we sing yes, blind us with Your beauty, for it is beyond what our limited minds can see.

Let us be filled with the one intention that says

You are the only goal I need.

Let us sing in the Light that says we are One. Eternal and divine.

Here for one-another, serene and sublime.

As we go beyond the words into the melody, the silent reprieve,

The notes play the harmony and we become the song.

Today, I will be joyful in your presence, playful in the sun, and write upon the moonlight

Oh, now my life’s begun.

A Morning Prayer.

Father, thank you for waking me today and for still seeing hope and life in me.

Thank you for knowing even when I don’t, that I am worthy.

Worthy of this life, worthy of your Love which is All there is and everything.

Thank you for your guidance and protection, which I need not strive so hard to hear.

Thank you for the comfort of your arms any time I need.

Father, thank you for sitting with me, for always holding space, even when I walk away.

Thank you for your will, which says I can.

Thank you for expecting of me and waiting patiently for me to expect of myself.

Thank you for your holy umbrella which always protects me from the rain.

Lord, thank you for your presence, for the radiance and serenity that is you, and that I have in me.

Thank you for the honor of this life I lead.

Let me lead it well. That I may always look to You.

Knowing fully, that You always watch over me.

Let me remember that in stillness is where I will find you, and that your peace showers down on me.

Father, thank You for this new day, this new Light.

This neon sign that says ‘walk this way.’

In Love and gratitude,


A Prayer Before Sleep

Thank You Father, for this past day

For the lessons I have learned and the events I have experienced.

Thank You for the gift of heart which cherishes connection and knows itself in others

Thank You for the trust You have in me and for knowing the capacity of my trust as I commit my life to You.

As I rest Father, take me in Your arms and protect me as You always do, and I as I journey into extra space let me remember all that I need to assist me and others on my voyage here tomorrow.

As I am uplifted by You, let all who need Your presence feel it deeply in their hearts tonight, knowing that their very essence is You, that their pain is alleviated by Your grace and effortless wonder.

Thank You for the gift and joy of Self, this stripping of shadow and into You.

I am in Your arms, forever blessed

And so it is.

Singing Prayer

Father thank You

For this divine Light

For holding me

Carrying me

Through the night.

Thank You for the Love you share

The golden sunlight


Thank You for the time to be

With You in royal harmony.

Thank You Father

From my heart

For infinite wisdom

That Thou art.

Thank You for this flame inside

For divinity

From which I cannot hide.

Thank You for the Truth in me

For I was blind and now I see.


The peace You gave

To me and mine

The joy that’s been there

All the time


The want is over

And we’ve begun

At last to turn and face the sun

Knowing fully in its haze

We are its body and its rays,

For this the gift

Which sets us free

The I in You,

The You in me.

Thank You for this Light in We

Infinite Creation, Alchemy.

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