Empowered Consciousness Breathwork is a safe and gentle technique using Conscious Connected Breathing to release suppressed and inherited habits and patterns of thought that hold you back, and reconnect you to the Truth of who you really are. It is a sacred practice which uncovers and reminds you of your divine inheritance of Freedom, Love, and Joy.

Working in this specific way with your breath enables you to go past your intellectual barriers and head based reasoning and connect with your body and your heart enabling you to become unstuck.

When you are willing to acknowledge and release your fears, in the safest, and most gentle and natural way – by using your breath –  you open the space to reveal your Truth, promoting inner and outer healing on all levels. The ripple effects of this work may be profound.

  • Learn how to eliminate unnecessary noise and chatter
  • Uncover and clear old habits, blocks, and non-useful patterns of thoughts and behaviour
  • Have better relationships
  • Gain clarity on decisions and direction
  • Communicate from your heart
  • Connect to your divine presence