The next online Empowered Consciousness group breathwork event is on Friday, 19th November

8:00 – 9:30 pm BST

Suggested donation is £20

Limited spots available. Reserve your place here.

Or please connect with any questions.

The practice of Empowered Consciousness enables us to reconnect to our true nature. Through tailored meditation and breathwork, Sharon gently guides and supports you through the practices to optimize your experience so that you may release unconscious beliefs and habits, and therefore deepen your connection to Spirit.

Private Sessions

Sharon offers private sessions online or where possible, in person.

I wanted to say thank you so much for the breathwork course, it has allowed me to process some of the experiences which have held me back for years. I’ve come away feeling lighter emotionally and some of my chronic pain has gone overnight. I felt completely safe and comfortable, which allowed me to fully open up, thanks again

Sarah Harber – Surrey U.K.

Sharon is a lifelong student of A Course in Miracles, having studied, practiced, and taught the principles for more than two decades. She is trained in Kundalini yoga, and also in the Transformational Embodiment Method. Read more


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