Hi, I’m Sharon. My dream is to serve you, and in doing so, see you become the bright shining star that you were born to be. So often, we hide our voice, our self and our dreams. We hide behind work, behind titles, behind parenthood, friends, trauma, being the perfect something to someone, and all the while neglecting our self and denying the soul the food that it needs to thrive.

I have worn (too?) many hats! I was a hairdresser, a theatre producer, an actor, a philanthropist, even a corporate manager for a Big 4 firm. My search for meaning took me to West Africa where I lived for 15 years amongst elders, chiefs, healers, spiritual doctors, and medicine women.

Whilst there, I was blessed to meet my husband, and further blessed with 5 (yes 5!) beautiful children. They were all born in Ghana and welcomed to this world in beautiful and traditional ceremonies by elders and ancestors.

I am a lifelong student of A Course in Miracles, and have been on a voyage of enlightenment for over 30 years. I truly believe that the sun, the moon, the stars and the sky are in each and every one of us. That you are the creator of your universe and that by learning to listen to the wisdom of your heart, you can reveal your own beautiful truth. It is my honor and privilege to be on this journey with you.

Sharon Attoh