The only thing that I know how to do is go inside, and perhaps I’m not even doing that correctly. The only thing that I know how to do is hide, and it’s what has kept me safe for all these years and years. I don’t know how to speak. I don’t know how to […]

Perhaps at night

Perhaps at night When we sleep We become the stars And there is nothing That we need to do But shine And that in itself Takes no effort. Nothing to do Nothing to hold Nothing to be And yet Your healing power Becomes so intense As you light the sky For all of those That […]

The Other Side

Just the other side of ugly The fighting stops Retaliation ceases to be And the sun rises   Just the other side of pain The forgiveness starts The tormented no longer suffer And we heal   Just the other side of anguish Benevolence happens And through the cracks the light shines And truth is reveled […]

The Truth Is I am

The truth is I am. I truly believe that the Light is within Us. More than believe… By the Light, I mean Christ. By within Us, I mean part of Us. It is Us. So, yes, what I’m saying is that I am, You are… Christ. Jesus didn’t just come to show us how great […]

Letting Love Lead

Who are you in each moment? What does your world say about you, to you? Surrounding and within you is an energy that is all and everlasting. Breathe deeply, and ask what is this? Between each raindrop, between each word, each thought, each heartbeat, each breath, is the abundance of all there is. And all […]


path to peace

“We are in the realm of a movement in enlightened consciousness, of healing and awakening and it is our duty to reveal our true nature by reigniting the light and the power of that which we always knew but forgot we had access to.”