Are you sometimes overwhelmed with words, and feelings and thoughts? As much as your own, you are likely also bombarded with other people’s input. Daily, we listen, look for inspiration, for growth and understanding, yet, does it really help, do other’s promises merge with yours? Their truths are their truths for them. Sure, we can find meaning behind their words. They may make us laugh, sit up, even cry. At times, they may spark an idea or a flame of consciousness, a chord or connection to the truth that you hold. But is this your truth? Each one of us has our own set of whispers which sustain us, relieve us and break us all at the same time. What are yours? Can you eliminate all of the other noise to hear your own truth? Can you be less detrimental to yourself and willing to love each internal suggestion as it arises? Start by being unjudgmental to others, notice when you are judging harshly, or even unintentionally, and stop by gently reminding yourself that how you see another is how you see yourself. A Course in Miracles tells us to choose to see our brothers as sinless. We are outwardly conditioned to see human mistakes and wrongs, yet by recognizing and reversing this conditioning and choosing instead to see each other’s sinlessness we can begin to walk a path towards eternal enlightenment. There is a time when all things can become good and true, and life; the Heaven that you have been searching for. A place of fun where all things taste as they should. Delight fills your mind, and your eyes see only beauty. If you could bottle this you would. Often, these are fleeting moments in our fast-paced lives. So hurried that we hardly acknowledge the joy that surrounds us, or the connection that it reveals. But if we could stay with this a moment more, would we choose not to? In our pain before gain worlds, we spend much time looking for the hurt in which to rise from than we do the rising. We unconsciously await the next ‘bad’ event to shape our stature and mold our belief system. Our internal and external programming is a self-fulfilling dream; why don’t we re-program to allow the joy in a little while longer? More and more these days, we are hearing that it is not hard to re-program our subconscious into one which allows more joy, good health and opulence, but like every trait or talent, this takes practice. Remember, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking.


Recognize the fleeting joyful moments, and sit with them a while longer. Asking questions of yourself like why does this feel good, and counting the ways in which abundance calls you in that moment. Joy itself is abundant, it is your heart’s vibration with the universe and all creation, and no amount of suffering will take you there and let you rest. We perceive a world which is far from perfect. Living in a time where hatred, and fear of our own neighbors has become the norm. Where war and poverty are accepted and expected situations, and where carrying weapons is a solution to madness. And I say again, we will never change this darkness by becoming part of it. “Do you not see it yet? Your light is the light which lights the world.” Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. Just what is it about fun that feels so good? Seems like an irrelevant question, but is it? Fun? Well, it’s just fun. It feels good, that’s all. Is that all? Begin to catch yourself in these moments. When you do, take an extra long breath and slow it right down. Breathe the air of enjoyment, and look a little more slowly. Notice how the air feels on your skin and what you are doing right in the moment. Stay there for an un-awkward minute longer than you otherwise would. Melt into this love, and appreciate yourself just here, and just for being you. Your own consciousness brought you to this moment. Slow down time to notice, and thank yourself for doing so. To most, we know, this is look away crazy. But we are not telling them yet. We are doing it for them, but they don’t need to know that either. The value that your joy brings to the world far surpasses what any amount of angst could bring. With your love for this moment and your Self, you are recognizing that your brother is indeed sinless, and this in turn is healing nations. The hardest part of choosing happiness is the giving up of the illusions that we created. You can pretend not to hear no more the voice which only gives, and never takes away. The all and everything that you cannot know never again. “To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.” William Blake Would you go to a meeting unclothed? Of course, you would not. Yet do you remember to dress always in your truth? Neglect not to acknowledge the radiant and transformative fire that is always alive within you. Running from one busy meeting to the next without stopping to breathe and take a moment is not good for you, or any other person alive. Buffers we need. An eyes closed, connecting, no, re-connecting minute. To make each breath a holy instant and a sacred prayer. You are a divine creation drawn perfectly in His imagination Only when you wander, and try to create yourself as something other than the joy and greatness that He designed for you, do you disintegrate into a place of suffering and dark underground. Today, choose to remember that you are indeed sacred, that as He imagined you is how you can be. Let the joy and wonder of His divine imagination seep through every pore today as you delight in Who you are.  Imagine, coming to a place every day, where things feel easy and ideal. Stepping into that wide-open space of imagination, where all things seem possible. Where every intention comes to pass and the struggle ceases to be. So here you are, where you begin to see more clearly. That your free will is what you have. That this is the super human that you are. I am grateful and delighted to have stumbled into this world where there is a tribe already believing, knowing, and testing the waters of this truth – that we, humans, are so very much more than we could have imagined. The connection is so poignant, so joyful, so all-encompassing as we arrive in this place where collectively we begin to simply remember. To be amongst those that know who we are is a continuation of this incredible journey. To put our thoughts into existence, and step into a world of our creation, a world where what we imagine, is. This is the gift. And so be it. Amen. As a gift to yourself, take two minutes now to sit with your eyes closed and listen to the meditation below.

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