Letting Love Lead

Who are you in each moment? What does your world say about you, to you? Surrounding and within you is an energy that is all and everlasting. Breathe deeply, and ask what is this? Between each raindrop, between each word, each thought, each heartbeat, each breath, is the abundance of all there is. And all there is, is Love.

Immerse yourself, and let it seep into the core of who you are, and who you have allowed yourself to be will expand into an ever increasing version of the best self that you have ever seen. Or known, or thought possible. In any moment of fear where habitual emotions cling to old patterns of thought telling you that you are not enough; Find Love. It is there, and will continue to be. There is nothing for you to do but breathe, and choose again. And remember, the I am, that is you, Is Love.

Just for today, you don’t need to be strong. No need to be brave. Just. Be. God. Just for today, let God Be the reason for your existence. Let His Peace and His Presence be your every breath, every footstep, every instant. Let go of all of yesterday and every tomorrow, and let you’re here and now be only God. Allow yourself to be held in His Peaceful reverie and rejoice that all of your needs are met in His Divine command, which too, is yours.

Just for today, Just Be.

Just for today, let your reason for living be God’s existence. Let God’s existence be your reason for living.