Perhaps at night

When we sleep

We become the stars

And there is nothing

That we need to do

But shine

And that in itself

Takes no effort.

Nothing to do

Nothing to hold

Nothing to be

And yet

Your healing power

Becomes so intense

As you light the sky

For all of those

That are sleeping now.


I often thought

‘Where do we go?’

Each night

When we fall asleep.

Who holds us

What do we become

And what

On Earth

Brings us back again?

How do we do this

Each night

With relief

And no fear

As we slip

Into the great unknown?


How do we close our eyes

With such trust

When we know not where we are going?

Yet with our open eyes,

Without control

We feel so much angst and worry?


It is the night

That revives us

The darkness that reignites

The flame

That is all but

Shrouded by our

Daily doings, and needs, and desires.


What if while we sleep

We become the stars

The very flames of light

Always there

But obscured

By that which we are confused by.


What if we see now

That we are

The keepers of each other’s light

The mirror that ignites

The blaze.



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