The truth is I am.

I truly believe that the Light is within Us. More than believe… By the Light, I mean Christ. By within Us, I mean part of Us. It is Us. So, yes, what I’m saying is that I am, You are… Christ.

Jesus didn’t just come to show us how great at miracles he was, he came to tell us that each one of Us shares the same power, the same Light, the same capacity to create miracles too.

So, why don’t We? Why isn’t each one of Us living our dream? Living in that beautiful, abundant, glorious existence where happiness and joy reign, and where Our worries are no more?

Simply, and sadly, because we have chosen not to believe. Information has been passed down to Us like foreign whispers, the game we used to play as children, where expressions of Us became diluted, dislodged and utterly incorrect.

We were led to believe in fear. To believe that in order to be happy, we had to do certain things, be particular ways. Jobs, money, relationships, all less than and lower than the Christ Himself would expect for Us. And yet, all we know.

The people that came here before Us, those that tried to Love, tried to care, and also the ones that hurt and invalidated us, they were just doing what they thought they knew, with the tools that they were given from those who came before them.

It is in our forgiveness that we become free. Forgiving not just those who wronged us, but ultimately, forgiving ourselves. When we have been hurt in life, we tend to find ways to not just relive it, but to look for ways to validate it. And there the cycle begins and continues, finding and reviving those pains, those injuries, and those self-depreciating feelings.

True forgiveness can only be known when there is no remaining sting. At any thought of those people, or pains, bless them. Send them blessings of Love, of Joy, of abundance, of pleasure, of satisfaction. By this you become free, and a world opens up to you where these blessings become your very essence.


What do you know now

For absolutely sure?

In this minute, moment, instant.

This now.





Shake it all off now

This is Who




Scream it all about now.

This buzzing hornet thing.

They won’t get it at first

And then they will.

One and then


Until all they are




And that’s what He said.

Until He didn’t anymore.

But repeated whole heartedly

In tongues.

And we wagged them






Go inside now

Remain there for a while

It didn’t matter anyway

She’d laugh aloud.

We all have our agenda

I’m too interesting for She?

It doesn’t matter anyway

If Love is All




The one that flowers first is beautiful but perhaps not the strongest.

The one constantly clothed is divine yet limited in its expansion.

And there is she that is bare, stretching endlessly toward the open sky.


I came to realize that when the branches were bare like that, they were at their most beautiful. Most vulnerable, empty and able to absorb all of the divine energy that this universe is made of. That rebuilds us, strengthens us, ignites and decorates us. Yes, that time of bareness is a sacred connection…

You are perfect, He whispers. As he sets you on

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